Written Works: Fiction

A Song of Eagles (ed., novel; Nisaba Press, 2022) [LINK]
Black Sunday (article; The Unspeakable Oath, Arc Dream Publishing, 2010)  [DTRPG
Curse of the Blue Nile (ed., novellas; Onyx Path Publishing, 2016) [Amazon]
Dawn of Heresies (ed., novel; Onyx Path Publishing, 2015) [Amazon]
Dreams of Avarice (ed., novella; Onyx Path Publishing, 2016) [DTRPG]
The Face of the Deep (short story; Madness on the Orient Express; Chaosium, 2014) [Amazon]
Gehenna –The Final Night (consult, novel; White Wolf Publishing, 2004) [DTRPG]
In the Footsteps of the Sea: The Esoteric Origin of Dagon (short story; The Book of Starry Wisdom, Strix Publishing, 2016)  [LINK]
Pumpkin Eater (short story; Halloween Carnival, Hydra, 2017) [Amazon]
The Sense of Exile (short story; Tales of the Lost Citadel, Nisaba Press, 2016) [Amazon]
The Sleep of Reason (novel; Wizards of the Coast, 2008)
Tales of the Lost Citadel (ed., anthology; Nisaba Press, 2016) [Amazon]

Written Works: RPGs

    • Dungeons & Dragons

City of Stormreach  (Wizards of the Coast, 2008) [DTRPG]
Cityscape (Wizards of the Coast, 2006) [Amazon]
Dragonmarked (Wizards of the Coast, 2006) [DTRPG]
Faiths of Eberron (Wizards of the Coast, 2006) [DTRPG]
Heroes of Horror (Wizards of the Coast, 2005) [DTRPG]
Iggwilv’s Legacy: The Hollow of the Horn (Wizards of the Coast, 2007)

    • World of Darkness

Caine’s Chosen: The Black Hand (White Wolf Publishing, 2003) [DTRPG]
Cairo by Night (White Wolf Publishing, 2001) [DTRPG]
Children of the Revolution (Onyx Path Publishing, 2012) [DTRPG]
Dark Ages: Europe (White Wolf Publishing, 2002) [DTRPG]
Dark Ages: Inquisitor (White Wolf Publishing, 2002) [DTRPG]
Dark Ages: Players Guide to the High Clans (White Wolf Publishing, 2002) [DTRPG]
Dark Ages: Vampire (White Wolf Publishing, 2002) [DTRPG]
Iberia by Night (White Wolf Publishing, 2001) [DTRPG]
Laws of Judgment (White Wolf Publishing, 2004) [DTRPG]
The Mummy Player’s Guide (White Wolf Publishing, 2003) [DTRPG]
Orpheus (White Wolf Publishing, 2005) [DTRPG]
Possessed: A Player’s Guide (White Wolf Publishing, 2002) [DTRPG]
Road of Heaven (White Wolf Publishing, 2004) [DTRPG]
State of Grace (White Wolf Publishing, 2002) [DTRPG]
Veil of Night (White Wolf Publishing, 2001) [DTRPG]
World of Darkness: Mafia (White Wolf Publishing, 2002) [DTRPG]
World of Darkness: Time of Judgment (White Wolf Publishing, 2004) [DTRPG]

    • New World of Darkness

The Avarice Chronicle (Onyx Path Publishing, 2014) [DTRPG]
Belial’s Brood (White Wolf Publishing, 2007) [DTRPG]
Book of the Deceived (Onyx Path Publishing, 2014) [DTRPG]
City of the Damned: New Orleans (White Wolf Publishing, 2005) [DTRPG]
Cursed Necropolis: D.C. (Onyx Path Publishing, 2013) [DTRPG]
Cursed Necropolis: Rio (Onyx Path Publishing, 2014) [DTRPG]
Dark Eras (Onyx Path Publishing, 2017) [DTRPG]
Dark Eras Companion (Onyx Path Publishing, 2017) [DTRPG]
Guildhalls of the Deathless (Onyx Path Publishing, 2013) [DTRPG]
Lore of the Deceived (Onyx Path Publishing, 2014) [DTRPG]
Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Requiem  (White Wolf Publishing, 2005) [DTRPG]
Mummy: The Curse (Onyx Path Publishing, 2013) [DTRPG]
Mummy Storyteller’s Screen (Onyx Path Publishing, 2013) [DTRPG]
Mummy: Ready-Made Characters (Onyx Path Publishing, 2014) [DTRPG]
Sothis Ascends (Onyx Path Publishing, 2013) [DTRPG]
Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf Publishing, 2004) [DTRPG]

    • Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor

Blackmoor: Age of the Wolf (Studio Ink Bat, 2024)
Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor (Zeitgeist Games, 2004) [DTRPG]
Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor: The First Campaign (Code Monkey Publishing, 2009) [DTRPG]
City of the Gods (Zeitgeist Games, 2008) [DTRPG]
Clock & Steam (Zeitgeist Games, 2008) [DTRPG]
Riders of Hak (Zeitgeist Games, 2008) [DTRPG]

    • Second-Party D&D

Adventures in the Borderland Provinces (Frog God Games, 2016) [DTRPG]
Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary (Sword & Sorcery Studios, 2003) [DTRPG]
Dragonmech (Goodman Games, 2003) [DTRPG]
Hamunaptra: Egyptian Adventures (Green Ronin Publishing, 2004) [DTRPG]
The Iconic Bestiary (Purple Duck Games, 2006) [DTRPG]
Iconic Prestige Classes (Purple Duck Games, 2005) 
Lion’s Den Press: Prestige Classes: Desert Heroes (Purple Duck Games, 2005) [DTRPG]
Lion’s Den Press: Prestige Classes: Arctic Heroes (Purple Duck Games, 2005) [DTRPG]
The Lost Citadel RPG (Green Ronin Publishing, 2020) [DTRPG] [Amazon: hardcover]
The Lost Citadel Gamemaster’s Screen (Green Ronin Publishing, 2020) [Amazon]
Player’s Guide to Monks and Paladins  (Sword & Sorcery Studios, 2004) [DTRPG]
The Serpent & The Scepter (Sword & Sorcery Studios, 2002) [DTRPG]
The Serpent Citadel (Sword & Sorcery Studios, 2003) [DTRPG]
A Shadow in the Downs (Green Ronin Publishing, 2022) [DTRPG]
Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary (Green Ronin Publishing, 2006) [Amazon]
Southlands: Adventures in the Pitiless Sun (Kobold Press, 2015) [DTRPG]

Strange Lands: Lost Tribes of the Scarred Lands (Sword & Sorcery Studios, 2004) [DTRPG]
Thieve’s World Gazetteer (Green Ronin Publishing, 2006) [Amazon]
Tome of Artifacts (Necromancer Press, 2007) [DTRPG]

  • Other RPGs

Axiom Null (Make Believe Games, 2015) [DTRPG]
Cthulhu Britannica: London (Cubicle 7 Entertainment, 2015) [Amazon]
Hillfolk (Pelgrane Press, 2012) [DTRPG]
I Am Zombie: Field Manual (Make Believe Games, 2015) [DTRPG]
I Am Zombie: Human Deck (Make Believe Games, 2015) [DTRPG]
I Am Zombie: Toxic Deck (Make Believe Games, 2015) [DTRPG]
I Am Zombie: Toxicity (Make Believe Games, 2017)
Revolutionaries (Make Believe Games, 2018) [DTRPG]
Supernatural Adventures (Margaret Weis Productions, 2010) 

Written Works: Poetry

“Not a Gemini Megaton” (The Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Ireland, 2000) [JStor]
“Within Orion” (Space & Time Magazine, Yuriko Publishing, 2018) [LINK]

Written Works: Board Games

Tales of the Arabian Nights (Z-Man Games, 2009) [LINK]

Written Works: Non-Fiction

Champions 25th Anniversary Edition (essay; Hero Games, 2007)
The Lost Citadel Writer’s Bible (The Lost Citadel, 2015)
“Arab and Muslim American Votes Must be Earned” (article; 2023) [LINK]
“An Open Letter to Bill Maher” (article; 2019) [LINK]
“Marvel Stumbles on the Question of Palestine” (article; 2022) [LINK]
“The Myth of Unattainable Mid-East Peace” (article; 2023) [LINK]
“A Primer on American Dictatorship”  (article; 2024) [LINK]
“Wonder Woman and the Blue Pill” (article; 2021) [LINK]
“Can Israel Even be Considered an Ally?” (article; 2024) [LINK]
“The Palestinian View on the Zionism Debate” (article; 2024) [LINK]