Publications: C.A. Suleiman’s work has been bought and printed by dozens of editors, for numerous publishers and platforms. His publishers include Random House, Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Chaosium, Arc Dream, Pelgrane, Onyx Path, Cubicle 7, and Green Ronin.

Awards and Nominations: C.A. Suleiman’s writing has been recognized and awarded by the likes of the Origins Award (Best Roleplaying Game, Best RPG Supplement), the ENnie Awards (Gold, Best Supplement), and the Diehard GameFan Award (Best Sourcebook).

Guest Appearances: C.A. Suleiman has been a Guest of Honor at a score of industry events, including Gen Con Indianapolis, Lucca Games and Comics Convention (Italy), U.K. Games Expo (England), and Fan Expo (Canada). He’s a two-time Diamond Guest of Honor at Dragon*Con.

Conventions: C.A. Suleiman has been a guest or attending professional at over 140 conventions, spanning seven different countries, around the world. He’s run hundreds of tables of events at conventions, including demos for both his own games and those of other designers, and sat on many scores of panels over the course of his career.

Professional Work

⬤ C.A. Suleiman was RPG-creator Dave Arneson’s tabletop IP manager until the legend passed away.

⬤ Suleiman created and developed the World of Darkness’ award-winning Mummy: The Curse.

⬤ Suleiman is creator and developer of the acclaimed ancient Egyptian fantasy setting Hamunaptra.

⬤ In 2005, Suleiman became the first-ever person of color (“PoC”) project lead for a Dungeons & Dragons book.

⬤ Suleiman is the co-creator (with Ari Marmell) and Executive Editor of The Lost Citadel, a transmedia project about a dark fantasy world that’s been overrun by an undead apocalypse. Thus far, the Lost Citadel has played host to two soundtracks (The Lost Citadel Soundtrack, Sounds of Redoubt), a novel (A Song of Eagles  by Brian Hodge), a short story anthology (Tales of the Lost Citadel), and a roleplaying game (Lost Citadel Roleplaying), with more on the way.

⬤ Suleiman defined (and statted up) the infamous Tsojcanth, from the classic module The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, in an adventure for Dungeon magazine called “The Hollow of the Horn”.

⬤ Suleiman is creator of the Unspeakable verse, a Lovecraftian setting that puts the spotlight on the traditional antagonists of Cthulhu Mythos fiction, rather than on investigators or bystanders. 

⬤ Suleiman served for years on the RPG jury for the Origins Awards, including a stint as jury foreman.

⬤ In 2016-2017, C.A. Suleiman created and blind-judged the tabletop game industry’s first-ever talent search for women RPG writers. 

⬤ In 2018, C.A. Suleiman conceived the S.T.O.P. (Standards, Terms, and Other Practices) initiative to help the tabletop game industry combat harassment on a wider, institutional level.

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